Don't Wait Until You've Been Hacked To Think About Security

The Cortex Insight Platform analyzes potential vulnerabilities and prioritizes tasks reducing your IT Security overhead and costs.

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Businesses do not want to be the next victim of a public hack. As a CISO, CTO, CIO or IT Manager it is your job to secure the network. There are many tools on the market which identify potential vulnerabilities. The challenge is determining which of the potentially thousands of vulnerabilities are the most critical threats to your business.

The Cortex Insight Platform prioritizes which vulnerabilities to remediate first, eliminating the human bottleneck. Your team is more efficient and your systems are more secure.

Reduce Workload

Prioritize Actions

Large, complex networks can potentially have millions of vulnerabilities to comb through. The Cortex Insight Platform organizes and prioritizes your workload.

The Cortex Insight Platform is the solution to four key weaknesses in most Cyber Security services.


Limited Data Sources

There are multiple vendors offering their own scanning solutions looking out for malware, unpatched vulnerabilities and so on. Most of these only consult their own data sources, meaning that unless you use them all, you don’t have the whole vulnerability picture. Even if you were to subscribe to every scanner available, it is very time consuming to combine their outputs into an actionable list of priorities.

The Cortex Insight Platform pulls vulnerability data from multiple sources, and prioritizes them


Risk Assessment Is Generic, Not Company-Specific

Most services present the same risk data to every client company. Severity scales – indicating how important it is to address a particular threat – are based on generic risks, not on your organization’s systems and code. You may waste resources addressing issues that are not relevant to your activities, and miss the truly critical issues.

The Cortex Insight Platform builds a threat model specific to your systems & activities


Assessments Don’t Always Reflect Real-World Factors

Most Cyber Security models are based on theoretical assessments of how much damage could be done, rather than the real-life scenarios tailored to your business. For example, a small vulnerability being actively exploited by competent attackers targeting a service your organization uses may be a far greater threat than a larger vulnerability for which no active exploit exists.

The Cortex Insight Platform uses real-time ratings based on near real-world activity


Threat Assessment Is Reactive, Not Proactive

Conventional threat models examine only code that is already deployed. The development team may be creating new threats that have not been identified.

The Cortex Insight Platform uses functional requirements to identify threats in advance

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