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About Cortex Insight

Threat Based Vulnerability Management

Cortex Insight envisioned a world where security and efficiency are both a priority. That’s why Cortex Insight has developed a unique solution that works with existing security solutions to help obtain maximum value.

In a world of time-consuming analytics and lengthy spreadsheets, Cortex Insight was single-handedly established in December 2014 as a Boutique Security Assessment and Consulting company, to address the increasing volume of security vulnerabilities. During mid to late 2015, the company pivoted to developing the platform as a product. Using a SaaS-based vulnerability management tool and the threat modelling approach, businesses can identify and reduce the ever-increasing security risk.

Accreditations & Certifications

We are certified in Cyber Security and Cyber Essentials, including ISO9001, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Additionally, we have obtained certifications with the biggest names in the technology industry, including Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Mimecast, SonicWall and so on.