Cortex Insight Set to Disrupt Vulnerability Management with Silverbug Backing

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Cortex Insight Set to Disrupt Vulnerability Management with Silverbug Backing

Cortex Insight, a leading provider of threat-based vulnerability management solutions, today announced it has been acquired by Silverbug, a champion of B2B IT solutions and Managed Service Provider. Offering a unique SaaS-based solution, Cortex Insight enables organisations to thoroughly and efficiently manage security vulnerabilities. With Silverbug’s backing, the company endeavours to ramp up its market share within the UK and help businesses across the country with its cutting-edge technology.

“Our acquisition allows us to offer our customers a best-of-breed solution, which detects and mitigates vulnerabilities, while ranking them contextually according to their impact on the business, rather than providing a generic assessment, so the most severe are addressed first,” said Dan Bland, Managing Director at Silverbug.

Security teams have often struggled to manage the process of identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities; a feat made worse by today’s ever growing and sophisticated threat landscape. Cortex Insight fills a gap in the market by replacing the use of static reports and non-relevant risk scores  with a solution that draws a clear, risk-based roadmap for vulnerability management. The solution studies the ins-and-outs of the business and its processes, pinpointing the threats that will have biggest impact. It then allows the most serious vulnerabilities to be mitigated first before cybercriminals have a chance to exploit them.

“The acquisition will bolster the security services Silverbug already offers its customers and will provide them with a more comprehensive product suite to protect against the vast range of threats they are facing.” said Peter Pendlebury, Chief Technology Officer at Silverbug.

“We are thrilled to be taken under the wing of Silverbug. With their backing, we can realise our shared vision to alleviate the burden of cybersecurity on IT teams, freeing them up to focus on revenue driving areas of their business. We want a world where efficiency and security can co-exist, and where businesses can rest assured that we have got their backs,” said Stephen Kapp, Founder and CTO at Cortex Insight. “This partnership is a step in the the right direction towards achieving this.”